August 17, 2012

What Is Wrong With This Mode!?

Seem like I can't get into any games for MvM. Every time I pop one open, I get these stupid messages as to why I can't join in (bad password, bad connection, "bad game"; ok, I give that last one some credit). So I have to re-join the 30-45 minutes of searching for another game. And I thought WoW was bad at this, but this game blows it out of the water for waiting times. Not to mention at least I had something to do. I'm just sitting at my computer doing nothing productive while it's wasting time for another excuse as to why I can't join in. This game sure can scam my time away without even trying.

Also, the bad games I get into makes all those bad LoL matches I had a good feeling. Valve really screw up this mode a lot.

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