July 30, 2012

LoL So Far...

Not too bad actually. Slowly doing ranked games. My first game was lucky since I was Anivia and going mid against a Veigar would mean a free lane for him. Fortunately, that only happen in a normal game (that Veigar blew me out of the water) while I won mid and the game for the ranked one. Second game was with Ahri. Made a lot more mistakes with her than Anivia (go figure) but we still won the game somehow. I must say, she is one hard champion to do really good damage with. Every time I try to burst someone down while not doing so well, teammates instantly get mad at me for not doing any damage. I guess I don't have enough magic penetration or ability power. Either way, it just seem like it tickles people whenever I use her early game.

Anyhow, I have been taking a break from Leagues for a while and plan on going back up again this week. I'll still be a little bit inactive due to other things in real life, but it won't be under the radar this week.

July 29, 2012

Nope, Still Hate The Game

I tried coming back (with vanilla maps in mind). Still, the same results and me just getting even more mad. I just done with this game now. There's truly nothing people can say about changing my mind this time. I can't believe they created such an imbalance shooter like that and people still like to play it. All it does to me is just makes my days (and nights) sour. Sorry, but it's not going to happen again. I'll stick to my console gaming for shooters.

July 11, 2012

Skyward Sword

Overall, this game is still a Zelda game in my eyes. Just a few drawbacks of occasional controller issues and slightly easier than an average Zelda. Nevertheless, there were puzzles where I was stumped for a while. There was monsters and bosses that gave me some trouble (had three game overs thanks to the Imprisoned). There were new and returning items that I liked as well (a big fan of the Double Clawshot from Twilight Princess). The music and gameplay still retain that 3D Zelda feel. It's all there like a Zelda game should be. However, I really appreciate the story a bit.

It explains to us two key reasons why this series is re-occurring. However I'm not going to mention it since they're spoilers, but playing the game will answer those questions though. A little hint is that it deals with the Skyward Sword and it deals with the Imprisoned. Aside from that, anyone can learn the rest in the game. It's not too hard to find out (or Zelda Wiki if you're really that desperate). Also, Fi was ok. She was no Midna (my favorite), but that's a good thing anyway. Nothing wrong doing her own thing, thought a little weird calling Link "Master." Was a little creepy at first, but she was useful so I can't complain too much.

But yes, it's a good Zelda game. I'm not sure the top of the series, but it's pretty up there for me.

July 10, 2012

I Hate Team Fortess 2...

...But I love the spoofs that comes from this game. Just every time I play this game, it just leaves the worst taste in my mouth since I always be losing. Just been playing this crit orange server for the longest and when the game got down to the wire, we lost easily. I have been playing this map for quite some time and we just lose for some reason. I'm just getting fed up losing in this game and just uninstalling it for the last time. Heck, I think this game was the problem that my onboard sound blew out on me. So I'm just done with this game forever this time. No turning back on it this time. I'm tired and I'm thru with it. Besides, I rather deal with League of Legends than that game. It's just unbearable.

Still, the spoofs and fanfare is pretty good from it. I really do like it. Some of it makes me laugh quite hard and some are actually inspiring. Like Team Fabulous 2. I practically watch this every week at least because it's still so funny. Probably one of the weirdest spoofs ever, but it's still funny nevertheless. But the point of the matter is I just don't like playing this game anymore. The fanfare is ok, but this game just need better players because I tend to be on the horrible team every time I play now. Such a waste of time for this game.

EDITED: Yes, I tried Vanilla servers by the way, but not only they're boring, but I lose in those a lot worse than other servers. It's not just to non-Vanilla servers. Still, I'm not changing my mind on this game. I'm not going to waste space on my computer just to get fail teams practically every game. Not happening.