June 1, 2010

Lots of Stuff

But I'm just going to say them in a quick manner:

-I finally passed Composition. Such a pain in the rear class, but I finally passed it. Wasn't a successful score, but I did well on my speech to pass the class, so I'm happy on that. And now, I'm going to do Technical Communication & Writing. Going ok so far. Got my first assignment in and the score was ok. Better than a 0 or the lowest passing grade. Here's hoping my second assignment will pull through as well.

-My money reserves is getting to the point that I can't spend so much on commissions no more. However, I like to thank Mel, Shelly, jskellington, and more for the commission pictures. Until I get a job, I'm going to slow up on them. Thanks for the cookies.

-Speaking of jobs, I got a mail from a company that may hook me up with one. I'm not sure if I'll get it or not, but hopefully I do so I can continue commissioning people. Been job hunting lately and no luck so far. So here's hoping I get an answer.

-Getting Kirby Superstar Ultra probably around Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully it'll be on Tuesday or early Wednesday because my mom doesn't know about this game coming into the mail. Well, I'll think of something if that's the cast.

-Had a crappy last week with my main on retail doing bad. However, as soon as my druid hit 80, things changed for the better. Got a new blade for my warrior that's better than my axe (and a tanking helm on the same raid boss since they had no warrior). Gearing my druid really fast is also a plus, but it doesn't come without it hiccups (higher geared people lol'ing at your DPS, poor gear people pulling, etc).

Well, that's all I got for this month. Just waiting for stuff to happen, like my mom coming back on Wednesday. Till next time, stay tuned for the next blog post.