August 5, 2012

Shooters In General Is Slowly Dying of Creativity...

I know Team Fortress 2 is crap, but sadly it's one of the better shooters out there (again, not saying it with high praise since I still hate this game). Seems like the only good shooters were the old ones, like Halo (where it set the bar for shooter games and not many has passed it; and maybe Halo 2 due to online function help made online shooters more popular), Unreal Tournament, Counterstrike, Doom, and a few others.

Nevertheless, the point here is that today shooters are barely different from each other. Some shooters (like Call of Duty series) are pumping out sequels without a second thought (and with barely any improvements). Other shooters (like Max Payne 3 & Brink) try to do something completely different, but still feel like a clone to another game. They're not good as they use to be no more. It's like all they care about now is just graphics, visuals, and realism (for some games).

What happen to the "fun" aspect for shooters? Where we can say good shot from afar or coming back from near death or saying this guy is really good. Now all I can see from it is competition to see who can call each other names the best with broken language (lucky shot "nub"; u sux; hax). This goes for any other genre with online gameplay, but it's most potent with shooters. No wonder why most shooters today are very bland. Just seems like any shooter touched by the Internet will be gutted like a poor, baby sea lion wanted to go back to his mother. The same stuff with nothing new and rude people to ensure it's the same.

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