August 17, 2012

LoL: First Defeated Ranked Match

First time jungling in rank match and it was fail on selection screen. Naut/Darius/Morgana/Shen/Shaco/Kass was banned, but seem like it didn't matter. Not to mention our Viegar started getting countered by Ryze extremely hard (had to start ganking him 24/7 since he was just too much on Viegar to the point of slowly getting fed). Riven gave up on top and bot was slowly getting ganked out too hard thanks to Viegar feeding. This is why I tend to play mid often because someone is just going to fail mid and it all spirals down into the crapper. Maybe we still would've lost, but jungling isn't my thing and Shyvana takes a while to lay down damage on certain champions. Oh well, better luck next week.

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