August 30, 2012

Taking a Break

I'm going to take a break on League of Legends for a bit. Probably play it once in a while so my rating don't deteriorate. I'm not too good, but hopefully I won't be failing my rating and going to elo hell. Speaking of hell, I'll probably be playing TF2 once in a while. I still don't like this game, but there are going to be times were I'm going to have bad WoW days and I need some venting. So venting on a poor-quality game like TF2 will suffice. And speaking of WoW, I will be playing World of Warcraft again for a while. Hopefully longer if it permits me. If you want to see more posts about it, just go here for my WoW blog. And just to show that I'm not only into PC gaming, have some Tales of Graces videos:

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