July 30, 2012

LoL So Far...

Not too bad actually. Slowly doing ranked games. My first game was lucky since I was Anivia and going mid against a Veigar would mean a free lane for him. Fortunately, that only happen in a normal game (that Veigar blew me out of the water) while I won mid and the game for the ranked one. Second game was with Ahri. Made a lot more mistakes with her than Anivia (go figure) but we still won the game somehow. I must say, she is one hard champion to do really good damage with. Every time I try to burst someone down while not doing so well, teammates instantly get mad at me for not doing any damage. I guess I don't have enough magic penetration or ability power. Either way, it just seem like it tickles people whenever I use her early game.

Anyhow, I have been taking a break from Leagues for a while and plan on going back up again this week. I'll still be a little bit inactive due to other things in real life, but it won't be under the radar this week.

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