March 26, 2011

Another Pokemon Talk

Well, I finish the story line for Pokemon White (a first timer for me) and I noticed the level to the new levels shot up like a rocket. All my Pokemon that I defeated N and his power hungry "father" were like more than 10 levels below the new levels. For a moment there, I thought my head would explode and never level up any of my Pokemon. Fortunately, there was good news.

The Pokemon that are in the 60s don't hit as hard since they're not properly trained to kill me. So that just means free expereince with my Pokemon. And there's this one Pokemon that gives you a chunk of experience, which is an Audino. This Pokemon usually comes out where there is a patch of grass constantly shaking in the wild. However, it's not always 100% that a Audino will pop out and (in some cases) a really rare Pokemon might come out instead. And usually, it's like level 47 or 50 when it pops. So it's ideal to  search for "higher levels" since there's a higher chance of getting more. And the funny part about this Pokemon is that it's more of a healing Pokemon. So don't be afraid if it gets the first move because it'll never attack. In some cases, it might heal your Pokemon. So hunt them down regardless of your level (yes, they appear in lower levels as well, even if you didn't beat the game yet). I'll probably write more about them later on.

Anyways, I'm really like this game. Unlike the previous generations, this one went interesting and made becoming Pokemon Champion more like an actual challenge than part of the storyline (which was ok, but something new was in order and you didn't fought the Champion for the first time; N defeated him and left him for...fainting). Also, there is a lot of content still left to be explored and some Pokemon needing to be captured (649 if I'm not mistaken). Not to mention I sold my Pokemon Pearl, so it's going to take a while. Still, I like it and I hope I'll enjoy it more.

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