February 21, 2011

Just To Update Myself...

I'm officially slowing down on WoW. I'm not going too much or I'll just repeat what I did 2008-2009. I think it's best for me to move on and let nothing distract me too much from my homework and other projects. Once the semester is done, then I might come back to retail, assuming my money is in good shape. Probably won't do it since I have other games, but it's addictive and costs a lot of money if I don't watch my commission buying.

Also, I'm still trying to find a way as to how to fix my recordings. However, I still won't work since when I record it too long, it de-syncs around 6 mins and it's messed up again. So, I probably have to reset my run for the 4th time in this month and try to time my recordings better. Not exactly five-six minutes, but around it.

For sure I thought Metroid would be pretty easy to record, but it's harder than I imagine. If it doesn't work for me this time, then I'm forced to make it silent and just make captions to make it interesting. But I got it this time. Not to mention if this doesn't work, I'll just go back to F-Zero and start getting those recordings up (yeah, they're already recorded and everything, they just needed to be either edited with my crap music or just uploaded without the music).

Also, I'm probably going to talk about Other M in the next blog post. Not that I'm going to say negative things about it, but there's something I wanted to say to get it out of my head. But regardless though, I'm going to try really hard to get a video up this weekend. I promise.

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