August 10, 2014

Character Update + Artemis Bow Animus

Due to the annoyance of my character name being Junette Namirox and unable to change my name at this time, I decide to change my character into a female Lalafell instead. She was previously a female Elezen, but I wanted a male Lalafell afterward. I like the little guy, but my FC mates tend to laugh at the name a bit since it doesn't match with my character (and transgender jokes insures, but I'm not hurt by it or anything). So I change her into a female one, but still a Lalafell. Still get some side comments as usual, but I don't mind. The name fits with the character model above and I'm ok with it. But with that aside:

My bow has been update once again. Was a pain to get these books out of the way, especially with those FATEs. But it's done and I don't have to do them again (and no, I'm not going to farm alex from them either; waste of time). I'll be focusing on hunts and getting the maps for them. The materia part...I'll think about it later. But for now, ABA for your viewing pleasure.

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