June 12, 2012


I think everyone knows this guy from a couple of games, but if you don't know, this is Phoenix Wright. I recently played the Ace Attorney series of him winning cases with little to no hope of getting not guilty verdicts. The gameplay tends to be a little boring with the detective work, but it gets interesting once you're in-court and solving cases.

Except for introduction cases (the first cases for each game and the fourth case in Trial and Tribulations), Wright tries to find clues and hints as to what happen in the crime, who really did it, and why. He'll try to explain a possible truth to the court for certain cases, but may need the prosecution's interference to refine the truth. While in court, the prosecution states the crime and sends any available witnesses to the crime to give the court their testimony. Afterward, Wright cross-examines them to find contradictions. He can "Press" a part of the witness' testimony to get more information about it.

Once he finds a contradiction, he provides evidence and shouts "Objection" to the witness. In most testimonies, this works and causes the witness to be either not creditable or to slip up even more when they continue lying under oath. Even causing them to expose themselves as the true suspect of the crime. However, there are special rules to certain part of testimonies were you make a bad press or providing evidence, your life bar goes down by a lot (or instant guilty in extreme cases). So choose wisely for certain contradictions and statements.

Overall, a pretty fun game. The comedy is pretty good, the story was epic, and the gameplay wasn't too bad. Just a really fun game series I should've tried out a long time ago. But it's never too late to try it though, still a fun game.

However, there are 3 quick spoiler points I want to mention about the series:

A) Pearl is SUPER adorable.
B) Godot is OG.
C) Dahlia makes machines more human than her.

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