August 16, 2011

Interesting Read On A Bom-omb Movie...

I just got my latest issue from Game Informer today and there was an interesting read about the Super Mario Bros film that was made nearly two decades ago. It's so amazing how this film bombed in such a violent matter. An arrogant, British duo (Morton & Jankel) directing this movie with poor direction skills really bombshell the movie. They have little to no idea as to how they were going to get this movie from the ground and up and just tried too hard to make it something interesting. Nintendo didn't cared after they made the script. Although Miyamoto showed some regret of letting them do it, he wasn't too upset about it. Instead, he understands that it wasn't the best thing to happen for Mario's reputation. The film was a lot darker than it was suppose to be. At the same time, it was trying too hard of being something different.

Overall, the movie had numerous problems being patched up poorly. It's so saddening that could've been done better if they took the time to just stick with what it was instead of making it crazier than what it needs to be. If anything, they should've had made it into a movie cartoon or wait a few more years for Super Mario World for a story.

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